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5 Herbal Laxatives for Constipation Relief

Here are some herbal laxatives that can be  alternatives to  medications if you are seeking a cure for your constipation.  Most of these items can be found in your local natural foods store.

5 Common Herbal Laxatives

For thousands of years people on the planet have been using herbs to help aid their digestion and as a constipation relief remedy. Although there are many more herbal laxatives then the 5 listed below (which we will discuss in a future post).

These 5 herbal laxatives are the most common and arguably the most effective for immediate constipation relief.


Senna is one of the main ingredients in most herbal laxative teas.  The leaves of the herb senna are what are found in most herbal teas and over the counter laxative products.  Senna is very effective and is used by many people to alleviate constipation.

You should be aware that herbal laxative teas with senna do come with side effects.  The reason why senna is considered a good herbal remedy for only a short time is because of its side effects.

Senna often causes you to cramp up and have gas before you have to go to the bathroom. Therefore, senna should only be used if you are really struggling with constipation.


Rhubarb is another ingredient that many people will find in herbal laxative teas. This vegetable is a little bit bitter but is often cooked down to use in jams and pie fillings. Chinese medicine has used rhubarb for many years to help in treating constipation as well as diarrhea and other stomach issues.

When rhubarb is used in large doses it will help alleviate constipation. However, rhubarb is a very powerful herbal laxative and should not be used for prolonged periods of time because it can end up affecting a person’s bowels as well as their kidneys.



Buckthorn is much more milder then senna or rhubarb, and it can be used for children as well as adults.  This plant can be used for longer periods of time then senna or rhubarb and it will help with not only helping a person to go to the bathroom more, but it will also help with colon cleansing and weight loss.

Cascara SagradaHerbal-laxative-Cascara-Sagrada

Cascara sagrada is a bark and it can be found in herbal laxative teas. This bark is used as a stimulant in most herbal laxative teas and it will help to stimulate the digestive system.  Cascara sagrada  can also be used for long period of times like buckthorn.


What makes peppermint such a medicinal garden essential is the fact that it is naturally rich in vitamins A and C, manganese and it helps reduce a number of symptoms including irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomachs,fevers, flatulence and spastic colon.

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