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7 Constipation Causes

Constipation is a state in which one is unable to pass stool the normal way. This is because of hard, lumpy stool occasioned by poor diet, inability by the system to initiate bowel movements among many others. But perhaps we need to understand the exact constipation causes. The following then, are some of the well-known constipation causes.

1. Poor diet

If you take a diet that is lacking in fiber and roughage, then you will likely suffer from constipation. The roughage and fiber are very important in increasing bulk in the stool, hence pushing it down the rectum. The intake of the highly refined foods or the processed one has been directly linked to constipation. Processing food removes the vital element which helps in preventing constipation. For example, the intake of cheese and other dairy products lead t constipation.

2. Stress

Individuals who are stressed most of the time end up being constipated. This could be attributed to the fact that the stress releases hormones which suppress the immune system and this makes digestion to slow down. If you want to prevent constipation, you must avoid getting into constant stressful situations.

3. Lack of mobility

People who little or no mobility with limbs are at heightened risk of constipation. The office job where one sits behind the table and works the whole day predisposes one to constipation. This is because the muscles in the stomach do not contract and relax so as to initiate the bowel movement. One needs to walk at least a short distance after taking meals in order to have proper bowel movements.

4. Obesity or being overweight

Other constipation causes include being overweight or obese. This has much to do with the fact that such people have too much weight on the belly. This in turn weighs down on the rectum. Such persons have to strain when passing stool and this only leads to further problems since one increase risk of suffering from pile or hemorrhoids.

5. Weak digestive system

Some people are born with weak digestive system. As such, they are not able to digest the food that they eat. It passes on to the colon in undigested form and thereby leads to constipation as it is too large to pass through the colon to the rectum.

6. Dehydration

People who sweat a lot but do not replenish their bodies with fluids tend to suffer from indigestion. The same could be said of people who take dry foods. The waste matter is usually too dry and too hard to pass through the colon. It thus gets stuck there. No peristaltic movements are initiated and such persons may actually go for days without passing stool.

7. Poor toilet habits

People with poor toilet habits may end up suffering from constipation. For instance, delay to go the washroom when the urge is there may end causing constipation. This is because when the eventually decide too, they have to push since the bowel movements are gone. One is thus advised to go the washroom once the urge comes.

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