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7 Ways to get Relief from Constipation

You should not suffer from constipation in silence. This is because there are many options available. For one, you can get relief from constipation if you do any of the following:

1. Use castor oil

Unbeknown to many, castor oil is one of the best cures for even the most debilitating forms of constipation that we have around. You only need to include it in your food to ensure that it works. As a laxative, it will loosen stool, thereby enabling you to overcome from your constipation as soon as possible.


2. Take pleny of fluids

Staying hydrated will guarantee you quick and immediate relief from your constipation.
This ideally means that you should stay hydrated as often as possible. You can either take plain water after meals or you can ensure that you take food that has enough soup. Hard food is not healthy as the stool will also be hard. The other fluids you can take include healthy, natural juices and herbal teas. Green teas in particular are recommended because they contain substances which stimulate the digestive system and initiate bowel movements. They are also healthy for the colon by any measure.

3. Exercise your body

In order to get relief from constipation, one should ensure that they walk after meals. This should be done on regular basis so as to exercise the stomach muscles. Sedentary lifestyle has been blamed for the loss of the bowel movements.

4. Lose weight

Being overweight has been observed to be a hindrance to healthy digestive system and this could be the reason why overweight and obese people   suffer from severe constipation. The body actually reaches a point where it is not able to cope with digestion demands. The best way to go about it is to shed the extra pounds.

5. Increase intake of greens and fruits

Both the greens and fruits are healthy and natural. They contain the fibre, roughage and the nutrients to keep your digestive system going. For instance, the prunes contain all the fibre that you need. You will also find that they have other additional substances that your body will find useful n fighting constipation. One good example is the sorbitol found in the prunes. You should not limit yourself to prunes but eat a wide variety of fruits such as raisins.

6. OTCs

There are some over –the-counter medications that you can try out. They are the laxatives which help to offer the relief that you need from the constipation. One can use the laxative or the suppositories that are inserted in the anal passage to reduce the pain that one experiences when passing stool.

7. Use home remedies

Many may not be aware but there are many home remedies that have been proven to help ease constipation. One perfect example that you can try out is the baking soda. It is mixed with water and drank to help ease constipation. The mineral magnesium has been used to treat constipation with pleasing results. You will also find that intake of herbs helps too.

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