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Best Home Remedy for Consipation Relief

Hydrogen oxide is the most important among all natural constipation remedy resources on planet earth. However, a common complaint I often heard about poor water is :

“I drink a lot of water but still constipated!”

A camel drinks a lot of water, yes. You are not a camel. You don’t need to store gallons of water in your body in order to survive for days in the dry desert. You drink the amount your body needs, not less and not more.

How much water?

It depends on a number of factors. You drink more when the weather’s hot. You drink more when you exercise. A heavier person drinks more- half ounce of water for every pound of body weight. Remember, we are talking about healthy average people. People with certain medical conditions have to watch their fluid intake. For instance, my brother-in-law, a kidney dialysis patient has to be careful not to drink too much water.

When is the best time to drink water for constipation remedy?

Right after you wake up in the morning when your stomach is still empty.


For the sake of illustration: pour a glass of cool water on a guy who is sleeping, what will happen? You can safely bet he will spring into action. Well…when you just wake up, your eyes might be open but the mind is still half asleep as you float into the bathroom. You colon also half asleep. So pouring cool water to the colon is like telling it: “Wake up!” The fluid and coolness running down the throat, into the stomach and colon stimulate them to action which in turn, push stool out of the body.

Why it doesn’t work all the time?

You have to take in sufficient food to form stools. Not much eating means less or no stools. So when your colon wakes up and finds no job waiting, what do you expect it to do? 🙂

Even if you think water does not relieve constipation, you still have to drink it to live…

More than half of you is made up of water. Failure to replenish water loss through peeing, sweating and etc dries you up, oops I mean dehydrate. Dehydration is one of the main cause of constipation. Another reason is water helps to form softer stools. At least minimize the occurrence of passing “rocks”, ouch.


It is not recommended for sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome to drink cool water to stimulate bowel movements.

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