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Senna Tea for Constipation

After having been introduced to this very effective herbal remedy for constipation and other conditions. You may be asking the question: How often can I drink senna tea?  Apparently, you already know that even healthy remedies are not always safe when they are taken excessively.  While senna tea is generally good, there should always be a limit to its intake.  Otherwise, you could instead suffer the consequence of having too much it.  Senna tea may be organic but it does contain certain elements that may not be good for the human body if these are accumulated.  The point, therefore, is that anyone who drinks this should do so in moderation.

Senna Tea as a Laxative

Senna tea is a natural laxative and it is this very characteristic that makes it an ideal remedy for constipation.  Once you drink this, your fecal movement is hastened. This means that the food that you have eaten is digested quite quickly.  It passes through the colon and the waste is excreted as the soonest time possible.  With such a description alone, you could certainly say that this particular type of tea is an effective solution that you could use if ever you have problems in fecal excretions. With the right dose, you could induce regular bowel movements.

However, you must also realize that if the entire process mentioned above is hastened, there is also a possibility that there would not be enough time for your system to absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat.  This is the reason why, while senna tea does good to your bowel movement, it may not be very beneficial to your nutrition.

How much Senna tea should I drink

The only way that you can disallow the negative factor to arise is by not taking in too much of the tea.  Of course, this also means setting a limit to the frequency of drinking the said herbal beverage. How often can I drink senna tea?  Obviously, it should not be too often.

If you feel that you have quite a serious case of constipation, it may be good to start by drinking a small cup of senna tea daily.  The best time to do so would be after dinner, especially if it is quite heavy.  By doing so, you could experience the effects by the morning.  Remember, that the daily dose should be limited to just a single small cup.  If you insist of having more, you would naturally have the tendency of having loose bowel movement instead, the exact opposite of constipation.

There is also an ideal time frame in which you are supposed to drink senna tea.  This is another thing that you should consider when you ask yourself “how often can I drink senna tea?”  The best would be seven to ten days.  If you go beyond this time frame, there would be the possibility again that you would accumulate too much of the substances of the tea that would hasten fecal movement.  This would not result in loose bowel movement but also in your being deprived of the essential nutrients that come from your food.  Obviously, drinking too much of the tea is no longer healthy.

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