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Symptoms of severe constipation

Constipation varies in degrees from mild to severe. Whilst it is easy to cope with the mild one, the severe constipation can be debilitating. This basically means that you would have to find a solution to the problem. The question however begs: what are the symptoms of severe constipation?

Severely hard stool

One thing that you will notice with the stool is that it will be unusually hard. Instead of the usual hardness, the stool will be compact and hard at the same time. The stool is usually hard because it is completely lacking in water. A person becomes dehydrated and this becomes manifested in the stool that they pass.

Clumpy stool

Once you are suffering from constipation, the stool becomes very hard and clumpy. In other words, instead of the usual one large mass of stool, one passes small, hard masses which are painful to come out of the rectum. One should not just ignore the clumpy stool and it is in fact advised that one checks the stool before flushing to see if it is clumpy. This will help in determining the nature of the stool.

Bleeding from rectum/presence of blood from stool

One thing else about the stool is that it will be characterized by presence of tiny spots of blood all over. This is because of the straining that leads to scratching on the edges of the rectum. The blood may also come out during the passing of the stool. When you notice the blood, bear in mind that this is one of the more severe constipation symptoms which should be attended to at the earliest opportunity.


The presence of cramps should not be taken lightly as this would mean that you have severe constipation. The cramps in the form of sharp, periodic pain which is felt on the lower part of the abdomen. If you experience stomach or abdominal cramps, you should immediate medical attention as this is not a good sign.

Abdominal pain

If there is pain in the abdomen and is frequent, the it is possible you have severe constipation which needs to be attended to.


Perhaps the worst symptom of severe constipation, piles or haemorrhoids are swollen arteries at the rectum and which result from the pressure on them when passing stool. In fact when one is passing stool mixed with blood, this is one of the areas where the blood comes from. The arteries and veins swell and block the rectum at the anal area. The stool is thus forced to pass through a narrow opening. This is usually extremely painful. In some extreme cases, the patient is admitted for surgical intervention. This is because of what is medically referred to as the prolapsed of the rectum. In other words, the contents of the rectum protrude out of the rectum. Where possible, the sufferer is able to return it manually though is only temporally. The surgical intervention is usually the last result in order to restore the rectum.

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