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Constipation is a very uncomfortable colon disorder where the stool takes abnormally long to come out such that one has to strain .The stool will be hard  and lumpy in severe cases, one haste undergo surgery to correct a damaged rectum.  The symptoms of constipation are important to identify and treat before they bring about even more serious side effects.

Strain in passing stool

One of the main symptoms of constipation is straining to pass stool. One has to literally summon push forces to cause the stool to come out. If this occurs more than three times in a week for the next 3 months or thereabouts, you definitely are constipated.  The harder you push, the more the damage and this explains why it is important to find ways to relieve the strain.

The stool is hard and compact

The normal stool is soft to feel and tends to be less compact, parting when pressed. The one for someone who is suffering from constipation tends to be very hard and actually forms lumps which do not part even when one applies the same pressure as the normal ones. The hardness could be attributed to dehydration.

Several visits to the washrooms

Some people can go to the washrooms nearly times a day but pass no stool at all. This is because they feel the urge to pass stool. They are usually unable to completely empty their bowels and this explains the frequent visits to washrooms. When they sit on the toilet bowl, they pass a lot of gas which makes them feel slightly relieved. But it soon comes again and they have to check in at the loo for another ‘gas session’.

Cramps in the stomach

There are usually the cramps and this happens to be one of the most common symptoms of constipation. The cramps are experienced as sharp pain that shoots from the lower abdomen. The patients have to hold the lower abdomen in pain when the cramps begin. This severe pain should not be ignored as it could lead to some more complications.

Stomach pain

The pain this time is felt in the stomach. It may be mild to severely painful. Whichever way you look at it, nothing is to be taken for granted and as such, the stomach pain should address with an aim of relieving it.

Blood in the stool

You might have blood stained stool as a result of the coarse nature of the stool pressing against the rectum. This is usually one of the more serious symptoms of constipation.


When the constipation goes on for a long time, it might lead to another problem that we call haemorrhoids. The blood vessels in the anal area swell and start to bleed. Some of the blood mixed with stool is due to the haemorrohoids, sometimes referred to as piles.

Bloating and gas

The other main symptoms of constipation include gas and bloating. The bloating is because the stool does not come out as soon as it should. There is fermentation leading to gas.

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