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Also known as IBS in short, irritable bowel syndrome is a medical disorder that is confided primarily in the colon. One thing about it is that it is lifelong or chronic. In other words, the sufferers have to endure the various symptoms which accompany it. What are these symptoms and how can they is addressed?


There is usually some sudden, sharp pains in the abdomen, what we call cramps. This is the kind of pain that one experiences when on periods for women or in the case of fibroids. The cramps come without warning and last a few minutes. One is thus forced to clutch at the stomach and lean forward due to the intensity of the pain.

Abdominal pain

Apart from the cramps, there is usually pain in the abdomen and this is usually linked to the irritable bowel syndrome. When you experience some pain in the abdomen which you cannot explain, then there is a possibility that you have IBS. This is even more plausible if the abdominal pain keeps recurring.

Bloated feeling

The excess gas in the abdomen can give you a lot of discomfort. You will have swollen stomach and keep passing gas. If the problem is a persistent one, then it is evident that you will be suffering from the irritable bowel syndrome.


As mentored with bloating, there is excess gas in the stomach. This is mostly associated with the bacteria in the gut breaking the undigested food, leading to excess gas in the stomach. It is the gas which leads to the bloated condition. Passing wind becomes inevitable and you will most of the time experience a lot of discomfort. Many people also complain about an irritation in throat when the gas tries to come out through the mouth.


Do not take it for granted when you start passing very watery stool frequently. This is a clear sign of irritable bowel syndrome. As the name suggests, your stomach could be irritated by something in the food and reacts by expelling it fast. This may have nothing to do with an infection but the situation in the colon in regard to

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