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Many people suffering from constipation try various remedies but few of these offer the immediate relief that one needs. In this article, we are going to look at the various options on what to take for constipation.


The suppositories are specially made medications that are inserted in the rectum to offer the much needed relief from the constipation. The pain from the constipation might be so much that sometimes you are unable to pass stool. In such a case, the blood vessels in the rectum are usually swollen and painful. One will require immediate relief from the constipation by either having them inserted in place. There are also oral suppositories stocked in various online drugstores to help you find immediate relief from the constipation.

Take baking soda

If the effects of constipation are taking toll on you, all that you need to do is to take the baking soda mixed with water. The solution serves as a laxative and will boost your bowel movement. The stool also softens and you are able to cope with the condition.


Fibre is not just a nutritional element in the food. It will go a long way in helping you deal with the constipation.  All that you need to do is to boost your intake of the fibre in food. Greens and fruits are some of the best examples of the foods that you should increase intake of. Others are the cereals and whole grains. If you do this routinely, you will be surprised at how effective this will be in dealing with constipation.


Fluids in the body play a very important role in helping you deal with constipation. This basically means that you should ensure that you take soups, porridge made from wholemeal flour and take water too. The amount will largely depend on the demand of the body. Anyhow, you should ensure that you take enough fluids to prevent dehydration.

Herbal tea

Green tea is known to stimulate the colon and is one of the best bets yet when it comes to the question of what to take for constipation. The herbal teas should be selectively made as not all of them are helpful in boosting the bowel movement through the colon. However, some like ginger are very beneficial to the colon and play a role in brings the bowel movements back to normal. Do not suffer in silence when all that you need is increase in the intake of herbal teas. There are roots, leaves and seeds of herbal plants which have been found to be highly effective in dealing with all cases of constipation.


Pumpkin seeds

The seeds of the pumpkin are known to be gentle on the stomach and will therefore help you get the relief that you need to deal with your constipation. Ensure that you incorporate them to get the best cure from constipation.

In essence, there are many foods and medications when it comes to the question of what to take for constipation

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